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Version 1.4.3 of Apple TV App Released



A new version of our Apple TV app is rolling out now. Your device should upgrade automatically. This version cleans up a few things and lays the groundwork for the next release which should have some long-awaited improvements. In this release:


New Features / Improvements:

  • Rebuilt the startup / login flow to better align with the other Emby applications. This should significantly improve the reliability of the startup / sign in process.
  • Apple TV Top Shelf Improvements:
  • Top Shelf is now updated when the app enters the foreground or when playback stops.
  • Top Shelf sections have been updated to align with the other Emby applications (Continue Watching, Next Up, Latest Movies)
  • Top Shelf images now match that of other Emby applications






  • Home screen now dynamically adds the Continue Watching section when appropriate
  • Movie Suggestions screen now dynamically adds the Continue Watching section when appropriate
  • Shows Suggestions screen now dynamically adds the Continue Watching section when appropriate



  • Improved internationalization support on most screens. This includes significantly more languages as well as improving consistency in naming where possible.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where backdrop images weren't included in the Continue Watching section of the home screen of the app
  • The app will no longer make requests for images that don't exist. This would cause server logs to be polluted with errors
  • Movie images for the Continue Watching section on the home screen have been corrected
  • Fixed an issue where a loader would display when backing out of music playback
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Person Detail from displaying in newer server versions

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Recommended Comments

Any news on getting "match frame rate" back into this app. 

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Dennis Dallau


And when can we (finally) expect the new TV Guide layout, just like the web app and iOS apps?

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Why add all this fluff when the app is next to useless without basic automatic frame rate switching? Get your priorities right.

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Nice to see at least any kind of progress on ATV.
It has been said that emby’s developers would need to focus on what is really important because of heavy workload. Agreed! But why than wasting precious time on cosmetics, fluff and features for Apple TV that are of low relevance at this point?

In short: 

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So on my Apple TV 4K, when closing the app (force close), the last logged in user is remembered. This allows the kids next morning to login and watch movies and stuff they shouldnt watch due to their age. Previous version could remember the "Kids" account as the default upon startup. This is really a deal breaker.

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Match frame rate please!!! until then MrMC it is...

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PLEX for the Apple TV has:

  1. 1. Automatic match Content Dynamic Range....
  2. 2. Automatic match Content Frame Rate....
  3. 3. Play HDR content....
  4. 4. Use Apple TV subtitle settings, for subtitle size and color display in Plex
  5. 5. Grid style program guide for Live TV
  6. 6. See what's "On Now" while you are watching a Live TV channel without stopping playback
  7. 7. Start a recording while you are watching a Live TV channel from Info panel without stopping playback
  8. 8. and more...

1, 2 and 3 are basic features Emby still is missing, 4, 5,6 and 7 are extra features Emby is also missing....., but a new beta is coming so maybe finally ?

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