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Windows 8.1 App gets updated




Today a new version of the Windows 8.1 app has hit the store.

It includes quite alot of changes and improvements which we hope you'll like.


Take your time and install it if you haven't already.



Here's a list of the changes.


Alternative Music layout.




To enable this, bring out the charms bar, click settings -> General -> Alternative Music layout


Moviedetails layout




With the new Dlna PlayTo features that was added on the server we've now simplified the PlayTo by adding it on the screen instead of hiding it in appbar

(Browse To and Resume To still resides in appbar)


We've also improved the "PlayTo Flyout" look by adding Icon and more details about the session.


More changes:

Music genres

Movie genres

Automatic failover to try Wan address if Lan fails on app startup

Automatic server detection on first startup

AudioStream-selection in VideoPlayback now shows more data https://github.com/M...owsRT/issues/51

Subitile-selection in VideoPlayback now shows more data

Aspect ratio in Media Folders fixed. https://github.com/M...owsRT/issues/50

Added "Now Playing" button to TopAppbar to quickly check playlist https://github.com/M...owsRT/issues/27

Added Stop-button to Now Playing view

Added dynamic mainmenu, if you don't have Music we don't display it. Same goes for Movies and tvshows


Colorscheme changes

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Only one word fits perfectly when describing this..... SEXY

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Can you add a link to the store page, for those not previously familiar with your app? Thanks.

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Any thoughts on how to get this update, as it doesn't seem to be showing up on the Canadian App Store..  

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Love it! The ability to browse from a Windows Tablet and then use the DLNA play-to and directly play it to my Samsung TV's is absolutely wonderfull!!


Even better, I noticed that the movies are played directly from the server.. I do not need to keep my Tablet in Stand-by or even on...  Using this app and the correct TV, all you need is a Windows based server and a Tablet. I have send different movies to different TV's.. No other PC needed!  This is better than the Microsoft implementation that comes with windows, because that one will do the Play-to from the tablet and will require to keep the Tablet on..

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