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Emby for iOS Updated with Camera Upload Feature

Posted by Luke , 20 November 2019 · 3677 views

Emby for iOS 1.8.7 has been released. Here are the highlights:


Upload Photos and Videos To Your Emby Server


With Camera Upload and Emby Premiere, you can automatically upload photos and videos to your Emby Server, just by enabling it in the iOS app settings.


Posted Image


If you'd like to configure where the photos and videos get uploaded to on your server, you can do this in the Camera Upload section of the Emby Server dashboard:


Posted Image


Enjoy uploading your photos and videos !

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I just turned this on, configured the folder to my server picture folder, turned on Create a subfolder for each device. Then I updated JUST my iphone to the new IOS app and configured the Camera Upload to Servers (and only on Wifi).
After restarting the app, things started to happen. Now my home screen is showing
There are 3 Camera Uploads, and 3 Camera Uploads1 'icons' on the Home screen. Each appears to contain the same content (my uploaded pictures in process under my iphone device name, and all the other folders that are in the root folder.

Am trying to attach the log file showing some strangeness (to me). Seems I can't attach log here (maybe because it is a blog entry). Will make report linking back to this so you can merge this to report.

I got the exact same thing when I activated it. 3 Folders all going to the same place with all the same content.



I am itching to start using this long awaited feature...


Thank you @Luke!

Nov 25 2019 07:34 AM
Salve. Può spiegare gentilmente come eliminare il rinnovo automatico per emby premier? Vorrei provarlo per 1 mese. Grazie

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