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How to Change the Content Type for a Library

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Shutdown Emby Server. Do not do any part of this with Emby Server running.

Your library info will be stored in a path similar to this on Windows. Change the bolded text to be the username Emby runs under.
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\root\default. If you need help locating this path on another platform ask.

You will see a folder for each Library on your system.  Here is an example:

To change the content type for a particular library enter the folder and you will find a file called options.xml (copy it to have as a backup, just in case).

Open options.xml in a text editor.

Scroll down until you find "ContentType".

If you wanted to change the content type to a Music library the line should be


After changing the content type, save the file and restart Emby Server.

Note: if the content line is missing, you can add it but take care in doing so.

Valid Content Types

Audio books

Camera Uploads


Home videos & photos



Music Videos


TV shows

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