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How to Change the Content Type for a Library


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Shutdown Emby Server. Do not do any part of this with Emby Server running.

Your library info will be stored in a path similar to this on Windows. Change the bolded text to be the username Emby runs under.
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\root\default. If you need help locating this path on another platform ask.

Your Data Path is shown in your server log or as part of the Paths shown on dashboard.  In 4.7 that will be the three dot menu next to power Button.

You will see a folder for each Library on your system.  Here is an example:

To change the content type for a particular library enter the folder and you will find a file called options.xml (copy it to have as a backup, just in case).

Open options.xml in a text editor.

Scroll down until you find "ContentType".

If you wanted to change the content type to a Music library the line should be


After changing the content type, save the file and restart Emby Server.

Note: if the content line is missing, you can add it but take care in doing so.

Valid Content Types

Audio books

Camera Uploads


Home videos & photos



Music Videos


TV shows

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