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How to run python/bash scripts on QNAP


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Looking for help running python/bash scripts on QNAP (maybe the same process on other Linux based NAS's)

I have Emby running pretty much perfectly on my NAS, but my IPTV provider, provides VOD (in M3U file) which I want converted to STRM within their own library.

I have seen several python/bash scripts for doing this, by my knowledge is this area is non existent.

Just looking for information on the following:

  • Where to put the script
  • How to run the script
  • How to run the script at preset times
  • How to run at startup of NAS

Many thanks for any help you can give me

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You can run them from the ssh command line

you can place them where ever you want on the nas

setup a cron job and set the time to execute


this is not specific to QNAP its basic linux 101 stuff

i would do some searching on the qnap forums as its been asked numerous times in one form or another


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