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Episode info through emby-next-gen?


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Is it possible for emby-next-gen to be modified to provide Kodi with the same information for multi-episode tv show ISOs that it gets through loading files directly into Kodi?

What I mean is that when I pull tv shows, in ISO format, into Kodi directly from an SMB share, Kodi reads the filename nomenclature "Title S01E01E02.dvd.ISO" to know that there are two episodes in the ISO file. It then lists each episode separately, even though both episode listings point to the same ISO file. I can then play the file and add episode bookmarks, which allows Kodi to go straight to the correct point in the ISO file for each episode next time it's selected.

I have Kodi 19.1 setup on Win10, using an Emby server on Raspberry Pi, with emby-next-gen (stable, not beta) installed. I have it setup to use direct/native access to files served by Emby, so it goes directly to the SMB share. Using this setup, the tv shows appear with both episodes combined, so it shows as "Ep 1 Title - Ep 2 Title" rather than two separate episode listings. I can play the ISO file containing both episodes, but depending on the skin, the episode bookmark button is either not there, or is grayed out when using emby-next-gen or embycon vs loading ISOs directly into Kodi.

I realize that Emby doesn't have very good support for multi-episode ISO files, which is why they show up that way using emby-next-gen vs loading directly into Kodi. However, it seems like it should be possible for emby-next-gen to somehow tell Kodi to read the filename nomenclature, since it's reading directly from the SMB share anyway, and list these as two separate episodes. Of course for this to really be useful, there also needs to be a way to add episode bookmarks, if that's possible.

Is it possible to make all this happen by changing the way emby-next-gen reports file info to Kodi, to allow recognizing multi-episode files the same way as direct loading, and by allowing episode bookmarks to be set? Would that also require changes to Emby server and/or Kodi? I'm wondering if this could be made to work via embycon as well since it also supports direct/native playback from the SMB share.

The setup I described above works great with ISO movies, but tv shows require a little more functionality to work properly, and it seems things are close to being there, and all that's needed is to make a further connection between the files on emby/SMB and Kodi, but through emby-next-gen. Am I wrong? Is this really impossible to do?

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Not sure what's Kodis capabilities for iso. Actually I can modify the sync code in a way that it will work exactly how Kodi would do natively, but nor more.

I'll perform some iso testing...

btw, you don't have to use native mode. You can also use addon mode, it will automatically fallback to native for iso files.



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Thanks for looking into this. Hopefully the episode bookmarks are possible as well.

I'll have to learn more about native vs addon mode. I know some features are disabled in native, so I'll have to see if those are things I need. I originally started using native mode because, on another client, I ran a speed test and found that native mode (called direct playback on this particular client) was faster on the same files than via the emby server option. Then I specifically used native mode when testing the ISO tv show because I thought Kodi might read the filename and interpret the nomenclature to determine it was a multi-episode file, but it didn't work that way.

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