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Artist shows multiple times in Music library


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When I open my Music library on the Artist tab, many artists appear multiple times.

I have used MP3Tag at the artist level of my music folders, to ensure all albums/tracks by these artists are uniform - spelt exactly the same even don to case, by retagging the entire artist while simultaneously deleting APE and ID3 v1 tags.

For example:

image.thumb.png.c70c4bf336c34cf9ee02cea2c722e061.pngThe problem remains.

Here, 10,000 Maniacs, a-ha and ABBA all occur multiple times.

If I click the first a-ha, I see this:


(What is Steeltown doing in that album list? I have no Big Country on the server and Steeltown does not appear in any of the tags in any of the a-ha files!)

The second a-ha icon on the Artists tab leads me to this:


In the Folders tab you can see I only have one a-ha folder, one ABBA folder etc. Each of these contains multiple album folders with the music files in.

I cannot get rid of the duplication on the Artists tab.

Interestingly, on the Album Artists tab, a-ha only occurs twice, but ABBA appears 3 times. (Of course, both should occur only once as all tags in the files have the Artist name and Album Artist name synched up using the tagger.)

What gives? How can I clean this up?

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So here's another example using 10,000 Maniacs...

Folder structure:


And if I go down into an album:


What the Artists tab shows:



If I go from here to the first of the "10,000 Maniacs" artist icons, I get the following:


Note the album Steeltown at the bottom in the list of albums.

Not only do 10,000 Maniacs not have an album called Steeltown (and the art says it is Big Country) but I do not have the album Steeltown at all. I don't have any Big Country in fact.  I cannot find where this has come from? Why is it listed under their albums? In fact Steeltown seems to be something of a common denominator, turning up under several artists that have nothing to do with it. No Big Country on my server at all!

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Even more interesting... I used the CTRL-T to get extended tags in MP3Tag for all the 10,000 Maniacs folders and replaced all the MusicBrainz Artist ID and MusicBrainz Album Artist IDd with the 10,000 Maniacs MusicBrainz ID - b9a06530-1241-4162-836f-7b8e79deaa58

Then rescanned the library and refreshed metadata.

What happened to the album above?



The Steeltown album has gone (you cn just see the tops of the albums at the bottom of the screen) but the genre information has gone mad!

The other two Artist entries show that they are on an album called Linda Ronstadt 80s hits or similar in the art but with a title underneath of Frank Zappa 1993. I have neither of these albums.

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Hi, based on the discussion in your other topic, are your multiple artists also getting cleared up after the changes?

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Yes this seems to have fixed most things. Some classical music artistscarevnotvresolvedvyet, but classical is more problematic as the same piece can be performed on dozens of CDs with different names and different combinations of pieces performed by many different artists.


However, I am now trying to seecwhy, on the Artists page, some artists have pictures and others just a coloured circle with a head and shoulders...

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