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Request: Add all the libraries "Next Episodes" as a single list


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Dont know if this is possible but here it goes.

To make Kodi closer to the emby "Continue Watching" list that merges: In Progress Episodes, In Progress Movies and Next Up Episodes from all the libraries that are setup within emby, to put it in kodi terminology.

Is being known Kodi cannot merge Movies and TV Shows libraries into a single list (playlist, node, etc.), thats a limitation within kodi itself.

I have two tvshows libraries within Emby Server and Emby Next Gen Addon gives me the option to use "Next Episodes" for the two libraries separately, I dont know if its possible under the addon limitations to give an option like a Global Next Up for all the tvshow libraries. That way you can have a section or widget for "Global Next Episodes" and another section or widget for "In Progress Movies".

This is how I tried setting it up, 3 lists/widgets there, it would be better (IMHO) merging the next episodes as one, so you end up with only 2 widgets there no matter how many tvshows libraries.




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