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App Not Showing Up on Q60A

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Samsung Q60A model in the USA. When I browse the Samsung app store I do not see emby, I see other apps but not emby.

I have Q80T and Q70T both with emby installed from the Samsung app store.

After reading forums from past posts, if I understood correctly, emby as an app needs to pass a licensing process to get validated to appear on the app store? Maybe I am completely wrong, someone correct me here.


So I just wanted to know if there was an update to this? Even though I live in th USA, would it be a bad idea to sideload it? Where can I find a recently updated download?

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Q60A is the new 2021 series.  Samsung are currently testing the latest app version so it should be in the store for this model when v1.0.97 is released.  Based on experience, I would expect that this will be relatively quick. 

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