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Intel’s NUC 2.0 leaks


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  • 4 months later...

I was just reading that same thing. Was very close to pulling the trigger on an NUC and then saw the new ones coming out so I am waiting again :(


Have been looking for awhile and part of my hesitation was determining if I wanted to go the HTPC route, already have an AsRock HTPC, or a desktop replacement and then retire my current desktop to the basement as strictly an MB3 "server".


On one side I am trying to think economically and realistically and looking at an i3 for the desktop replacement as it is just standard desktop type stuff


On the other side I am doing the "oh but for $95 more I can get the i5" and make a new HTPC and use the old HTPC for the desktop replacement ........


Question though about the NUC. I have all my 3D BDs ripped to ISO and am trying to find out if a NUC, not the i3 necessarily, will play them in 3D to my 3D TV (assuming 3D playback software and all is in place)?


Sorry for the bit of a hijack :)




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Definitely going to buy a NUC5i3RYH as soon as it's available to upgrade from my RasPi.

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