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Repeating first second of video and freezes when playing all in folder


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I upgraded my HTPC to Windows 8.1 and WMC and I've returned to MBC. I was using XBMC and one of the features I really like is playing all the files in a folder. We sometimes will have a list of maybe 10-12 home videos or other YouTube clips in a folder that we'll play, and we'll shuffle play all the files. In XBMC, it works flawlessly (not MBC3C, just the native XBMC player). In WMC using MBC, it has some problems.


The first thing is if there are multiple files, let's say we have a folder of 20 files and all are around a minute long, then after the first few videos, MBC will start to act a little strange. It will play the first second of the video, and then it will repeat the first second of the video and then play it all the way through. That's a little odd. That stutter will happen for most of the videos in the playlist.


The second problem is that after a while, a video half way through the playlist will freeze, and we will be forced to press the skip button to skip back a few seconds in the video, and then it will play the rest of the way. If there are more videos in the playlist, it will intermittently do the same thing (freeze the video, but the audio will continue to play). If it reaches the end of the video, it will just stop and not play the next video. Sometimes after a long pause it will continue on to the next video, but the easiest way to get it "unstuck" is to skip backwards on the current video, and then it will play regularly. Somewhat annoying to have to babysit the video playlists when it should just play them all the way through.


Hopefully these issues can be addressed. I like the TV guide with WMC better than XBMC, and I think MBC is better than the XBMB3C implementation, so hopefully this issue can be resolved.


Thank you!

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