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I love MB. I've been a MB Classic user for years. Love the work you guys have done. I was happily using the latest 2.0 version and a friend encouraged me to upgrade to 3.0 which I did recently. On two different systems, one running Windows 7 with 8GB of RAM and one running Windows 8.1 with 16GB of RAM my system froze and the Media Browser Theater crashed with an error message stating that the system had insufficient memory to handle the task. I used MBC 2 to browse the same library for years without any such memory errors. This tells me that there is something  unique going on in MB Theater while interacting with the MB Server that is causing this issue in the most recent release of MB.


I've noticed a lot of other people have raised this issue of "memory crashes" in other parts of the forum. If someone in your development team could please kindly look into this matter in the context of the MB Theater and fix this bug, I would be very grateful and so would a lot of other people out there. I browsed through the same library with the MBC 2 version without any issues before. This is a unique MB 3.0 issue.


Thank you for your assistance.





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