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Standard Xperience1080 Skin


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Hi, I'm relativly new to MediaBrowser and just playing around for a few weeks with it :-)

But I'm already using XBMC for a few years as my main MediaCenter and would like to combine it now with MediaBrowser.


The only thing that keeps me from that is the lack of a XBM3C skin that fullfill my (and my girlfriends) needs). We a using Xpereience1080 and love it. It's a simple and easy to use skin.

I see that there already is a XBM3C compatible Xpereience1080++ Skin, but that one is cluttered with unnessecary stuff and don't look good imho  :mellow:


So I would like to ask if someone can make a XBM3C compatible Version of the original Xpereience1080 Skin?




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Hi, I do agree Xperience1080++ got too "over engineered" in the end and as such gave up changing it. Personally I am still waiting on 'Blacks' gotham update or next version of the skin before going back to it, but it does seem like he is more involved in other things at the moment.


As to modding the original skin, it's not something I would look to do...But..if you fancy giving it a go it's almost a matter of copy/pasting the relevant sections from the xperience1080++ mod into that version. As long as you can handle xml files, it will be a piece of cake. I would be more than willing to answer any queries you have along the way if you take that route.



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Cool I look forward to the new version  :)


Probably the best place to start is to look here: https://github.com/im85288/skin.eminence/tree/master/1080i


In particular the includes_Widgets lists a lot of the changes you need to make in the equivalent includes_HomeWidgets of xperience1080 


Also look here for all the available propertys: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/5485-skin-support-window-properties-available/


Another decision you need to make is if you are going to support both xbmc mode and xbmb3c mode..I did in my first few mods (as in Eminence) but decided to just support xbmb3c in the latest one I modded (Equilibrium)..if you support both you'll need to add that to the settings and duplicate your entrys looking for something like "Skin.HasSetting(xbmb3c)" - again you'll find samples of this in the link I gave at the top.


Probably the first thing to do is add:

<onload condition="System.HasAddon(plugin.video.xbmb3c)">RunScript(plugin.video.xbmb3c,skin)</onload>

To Home.xml


This loads all of the propertys mentioned in the link above.


Once you get the widgets going, I would look into the backgrounds etc which is as simple as adding

<variable name="HomeFanartPath">
		<value condition="System.HasAddon(script.grab.fanart) + !Skin.HasSetting(xbmb3c)">$INFO[Window(Home).Property(script.grab.fanart.Global.FanArt)]</value>
		<value condition="Skin.HasSetting(xbmb3c)">$INFO[Window(Home).Property(MB3.Background.Global.FanArt)]</value>

Finally have a look at the xperience1080++ mod: https://github.com/im85288/skin.xperience1080plusplus/tree/master/1080i


But bear in mind that was my first integration of xbmb3c and some things are not up to date...but it should allow you to copy/paste a lot of the things you need :)

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Ok, now I had a look at it and it seems quiet a bit more complex than "copy & paste"

I'm totaly new to this and a bit lost :(


I dont know which code in Eminence belongs to which code in Xperience (Different namings and Id's?)

Also the xperience1080++ mod is full of code for a plex plugin. What to do with that? Just ignore it?


Furthermore I noticed that I need the XBMC Database for using it together with Yatse.

So it seems that I will stay with the original Xperience Skin for now.


Maybe I will look at it later, when I have more time, sry :(  

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I agree I would love something that basically just mirrors the original xperience1080.  I took a look and attempted to tweek a few things but don't understand the coding well enough to really know what I am doing.  I managed to get the widgets rotating Mediabrowser content though!  Then I went on to break the skin :)  Anyway, I would love to see this!

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