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Win 10 updated, now Kodi hangs on show playback


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Emby and Kodi run together on the same Win 10 media centre PC and have been working great for a couple of years now.
I have put off windows updates but a couple of days ago it finally updated to 20H2 and now Kodi hangs when trying to play back any media, though live TV works fine.

Im running Kodi Leah with emby 4 kodi and embuary skin and NextPVR

I did notice that I had no audio in Kodi at first after the update, found the audio sorce had changed from HDMI to SPDIF in kodi settings. I had a look to see if any other player releated settings had changed but nothing was obvious.

The last couple of lines in the Kodi log are:

2021-04-29 20:54:08.777 T:860 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(video)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
2021-04-29 20:59:43.938 T:5628 WARNING: Unable to determine channel type. Defaulting to TV.

I have attached the full log below. There was no crash log.
Really puzzled what the Win update broke/changed. Any help greatly appreciated!


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5 hours ago, Hxemby001 said:

Is there a reason your on an old version instead of Matrix?

I thought there were still some issues with the latest Kodi and the skins and was waiting for them to get a little more mature.
Though this may force me to update if all else fails. Would like to try and understand what broke though.

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