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Skip a particular library during library scan


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I was looking into this and after some googling it seems to be a common request.

Look at this scenario, I have a folder with 2000 TV Shows which are complete, will not receive any new episodes and is properly identified and done.

When Emby starts library scan it will go over this huge folder and this causes:

1. HDD to spin up on my NAS.

2. If remote access in the cloud to produce a very long library scan.


What I did here is that I have 2 folders:

"TV Shows" and "Recently added TV Shows". Scaning the later takes just a minute or so. While adding the first takes almost an hour.


I'm familiar with .ignore but that would cause the folder to stop being indexed by Emby.

So an option in the library to just avoid library scan on a particular library would be a welcome addition. 

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