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Mac OS X client will not connect to NAS


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when I open the embryo Mac client app, and click on my server, I get an error message that says connection failure, we're unable to connect to the selected server right now. please ensure it is running and try again.

yet if connect to embryo through safari on my MacBook Air it works perfectly.


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Hi, I have the same problem.

Server: Synology DS 918+ running DSM 6 - Emby as Docker - official version

Client: one only for now - M1 Mac mini using macOS 11.2.3 - Safari works, albeit a bit slow, but that is due to the Emby docker scanning the libraries.

Wanted to give the Mac App Store "Emby" app a try - version 1.9.9 - cannot connect to that local server.

When I sign in with my Emby Connect account, two servers are listed, one server has the name of my DS918+ and one server has the name of my Emby Docker.

When clicking on the first one (DS918+ name), I get the message, that the Emby Server needs to be updated. I have no Emby Package installed and the Docker is the latest version.



When clicking on the second one (the Docker named one), I get this:



When I press the ADD SERVER button and enter the IP manually, the message with the needed update appears.



Any pointers? Need more information?


Kind regards,


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Update: I have also installed an Emby Server on another M1 Mac mini (M1mini8) I have, which accesses the movie folder on my Synology NAS. The Mac app Emby does not have a problem with accessing it for my M1mini16. Strange.

Happy too soon.

If I start a movie on my M1mini16, playback starts, Emby freezes (beachball, nothing to be seen, only the sound plays back for a minute or so and I can only get ahold of Emby by force quitting it.

Still lots to learn.


PS: I come from Unraid and Plex as a docker there, now Synology with Plex as a package. Wanted to try another system to see, what it can do and cannot.


PPS: I can access the Synology Emby Docker via Safari and play back, but want to not have to transcode (H.265) and play back directly, like Plex does.

The same goes for accessing the M1mini8 Emby server via Safari from the M1mini16 client.

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Hi @DS9Embynaut we're happy to help. Can you please attach the emby server and ffmpeg log files from when you tried to play? You can learn how to do that here:

Thanks !

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