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Getting MB-C to play nice with MPC-HC

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NJ RadioGuy

Hi all,

I'm continuing this from another thread that was veering a bit off-topic and I hope I'm in the right forum. Basically the problem is this:


I need to get the MB-C interface working 100% without keyboard and mouse. I had it about 90% there but there was one huge problem: Subtitles. I have a number of foreign-language films that I prefer to watch in the native language with English subs. Windows Media Center really has no way to handle this, so it was suggested that I try MPC-HC. While MPC-HC is more feature rich, I'm having some extreme problems that are making it impossible to use.

  1. Mouse pointer is always on the screen
  2. When I press STOP the player stops but doesn't go back to MB-Classic (just sits there with a black screen and the word STOPPED in the corner).
  3. Subtitles in .ISO files are not being recognized (i.e. the option for subtitles is greyed out). Subtitles in MPC-HC do work with .MKV, but not .ISO.

Since my wife and I need to invoke this feature often, having subtitles accessible by remote is mission critical for us. And while I can invoke them with the keyboard, I prefer to keep both it and the mouse locked up unless I'm doing config or maintenance on the system--and even then, I prefer to do that via remote from another PC.


I know a lot of people are using the MPC-HC/WB-C combination so I'm sure this is old-hat to some on here. I've got a full day of tinkering into this already and every change I make seems to be a dead end. Can all three of these problems be solved?


Thanks to all. And if this is the wrong forum or Website, if anybody can point me to the right place I'd also be mightly greatful. Please and Thanks!

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When I press STOP the player stops but doesn't go back to MB-Classic (just sits there with a black screen and the word STOPPED in the corner).


I just made a note of this in the other thread, but I just saw your post.


You'll need to ensure the Web Interface is switched on in the MPC options, MBC uses that to 'talk' to MPC so it knows if it's stopped playing. It looks like the option in the MBC Configurator to automatically setup MPC correctly isn't working at the moment for some reason...

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You do need the web interface enabled for resume tracking to work but the return to MBC is just dependent on MPC-HC exiting.

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There is an option in mpchc to exit when playback stops.


The mouse should disappear when in fullscreen... Im at work currently so can't check my settings.


I don't use. iso files, can't help with that.

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Play Nice??


I use ISO's for DVD & Bluray.

Changing MBC & MPC-HC parameters to get these to play together is like herding cats.

For now, unless someone says that MPC actually works, I think I will circle back at a later datefor  that functionality.


I put an entry for MPC-HC in "external players" in MBC configurator which included ISO as a media type.

The objective was to get the bluray ISO files to mount and play.

That did not work, but worse it pre-empted the playing of DVD ISO files by WMC.

The playing of these DVDs could not then be controlled with a WMC remote control ( as NJ Radioguy said)


Thanks to balkerman: The "everytime exit" option in "after playback" in "play" of MPC-HC obviated the need to kill WMC after hitting the stop button during playback.


I removed the ISO media type from MBC, enabling WMC to play the DVD ISOs as before.

I look forward to seeing MPC work better with ISO's.

Once in the past I had TMT working with ISOs in a sketchy fashion, but didn't persevere.


So:- I have 2 information requests and 3 upgrade questions

1) Am I missing information that I could use to play ISOs with MPC-HC?

2) I guess that it is possible to play blurays from a folder. How should that be configured?

3) Would it be possible to modify MBC configurator to have separate media type entries for DVD & bluray ISOs?

4) Could the "exit exerytime" option mentioned above be made the default?

5) Are upgrades slated to address ISO playback functionality in the future?

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I can't really speak for the MPC-HC devs but I doubt there will be many updates to it regarding ISO playback.  That simply isn't a format used in most modern setups.  But, I would research in their forums - maybe they will.

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...And what about using Media Control plugin for WMC?.?? With good configuration of ffdshow it will give you the control of your HTPC with a classic MCE remote (like Imon...)

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  • 2 months later...

Hey guys,


what do I exactly have to do to get the mentioned "everytime exit" to work? 


I only get the black screen with "stop" in the upper left corner. In the options I configured "Playback - After Playback - Exit", but it doesn't work.


greetings hoppel

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  • 11 months later...

After upgrading to emby classic this doesn't work anymore. When I "exit" mpc-hc per webgui, it works as expected. But when exiting from emby it doesn't work.


What could be done?


Thanks for help, regards hoppel

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