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Cant play bdmw

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10 minutes ago, Luke said:

You can't really stream a folder structure through the server, so this is something would have to be played just by passing the folder path into the Kodi player.

Thanks for responding mate, so this didnt work either with the old emby for kodi? (im beginning to doubt now)

Anyway, with the next gen addon, is this possible what luke says? Quickmic can you do that?

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The Emby server loads the index.bdmv file in the DB and therefore also reports this file to next-gen (and the old plugin). I haven't tested plugin in native mode, but the only difference would be the index.bdmv will be loaded in Kodi DB via native filepath.

If Kodi can deal with a index.bdmv, there is probably a chance it could work. However, please perform tests yourself, or you have to wait. Frankly this edge case has very low priority and if I should do all the testing here, it will be queued.

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The Emby server loads the index.bdmv file in the DB

Normally we don't, it's just the path to the folder and we don't do any examination of the contents. But I can see on the previous page a bdmv file is mentioned, so that's odd.

How was this imported into Emby Server? Is this an strm file pointing to a bdmv?

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Right, so when the folder is imported directly into emby server, the path that comes out of the api will be the main bluray folder path and not the bdmv.

There is no support for streaming this through the API, or rather, it's highly experimental, so if Kodi can just play the folder directly, you're better off doing that. The only time you'd want to stream it through the server is if there is no direct access to the folder path, like on a remote connection for example.

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1 hour ago, skank said:

@quickmic if you want me to test something just yell

I tried native mode too , but that didnt work either


So Luke, what is the propsed solution then?

It is what I mentioned above.

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