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synoservicecfg with new emby version without function (4.5+ manual install)


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I recently updated the app from the Synology Package Store to the manual package installation.

Before I used a script to update the emby certificate frequently. Today I noticed that the certificate was outdated and I got issues from the app.

Beside some other issues, I found out that the command I used is not working anymore.

As the final line in my script I use 

 synoservicecfg --restart pkgctl-EmbyServer

while the "--status" command works fine

root@NAS:/var/services/homes/emby# synoservicecfg --status pkgctl-EmbyServer
Service [pkgctl-EmbyServer] status=[enable]
required upstart job:
        [pkgctl-EmbyServer] is start.

, reload/restart commands dont work anymore and produce no output (that can be normal), but I dont notice any "downtime" to I am sure that the service doesnt restart.

Is there another option to restart emby or reload the certificate?

And can the commands be fixed - just for sake of QOL or something?

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yes, sorry, the SSL certificate. 

Server > Network > Custom ssl certificate path

I'm generating a certificate on my root server with letsencrypt, created a subdomain for my NAS.
Grabbing the cert weekly from the root server and once the certificate was updated emby need to be restarted - or reloaded.


this is currently not working anymore with the way described in OP

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as I said, I have a scheduled task that is copying the the cert to the right folder.
As second step I'm running "synoservicecfg --restart pkgctl-EmbyServer", before the switch to the manual install the command restarted emby properly.
If I run the command now, nothing happens, and I cannot reload emby from console any other way - afaik.
So, the SSL certificate will not be updated until I manually restart emby and I cannot do that with cron job anymore.


currently on emby

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Posted (edited)

no, just nothing happens


I have seen some output in the logs

2021-04-07 02:03:50.353 Info Server: Stopping HttpListener...
2021-04-07 02:03:50.386 Info Server: HttpListener stopped
2021-04-07 02:03:50.386 Info App: Disposing CoreAppHost

but that doesnt really start whole emby or is helpful with reloading the SSL certificate

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no it doesn't shut down, only the http listener is restarting?


Emby itself stays up, there is no "please wait emby is starting" message.

And as I said, it doesnt reload the SSL cert when its "restarting"

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