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Smart Sync - Download as I Watch

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I'm thinking it would be pretty sweet; I could specify a TV show and how many episodes to download.

Emby would then automatically ensure it always has those specified number of episodes downloaded as I watch the show, deleting the watched ones and downloading new ones.

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That's already possible: Go to a tv show -> download -> There are two options "automatically download new content" and "Download unplayed videos only" and below that you can specify how many episodes it should download in advance.

I've used it myself for a while on my commute but haven't done so for at least two years now.

PS: I should probably mention that this is on Android Mobile.

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Huh you're right. This does not appear to be enabled for additional TV show libraries, and if it is, it's not enabled for 4K libraries. 


Here's a 4K library selection


Here's a normal TV library selection 


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Not sure about the above then. 

Edit: Upon closer investigation, it appears the series is not being correctly scanned perhaps. It is working with other shows


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