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Emby-next-gen mixed content libraries split


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Hello, testing emby-next-gen with Kodi 19 on Windows.

I have a mixed content library (Documentaries).  It contains some single file documentaries in the root along with some multi part documentaries in the usual TV series directory format. 

Previously this was displayed in the Kodi 18 emby add-on as a single playlist called Documentaries (dynamic), and selecting it would show everything in it.  In emby-next-gen it's shown as Documentaries (Movies) and Documentaries (TV Shows).  The (Movies) shows the files in the root, and the (TV Shows) shows the files in the various series.

Is this a bug, or the new behaviour?  Surely the point of a mixed content library is that it should be displayed as one list?


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I assume you haven't synced that lib with Kodi 18, that's why it was dynamic. Don't sync it with Kod 19 as well and should be the same.

Actually I always recommend sync. Dynamic content is slower than synced content and emby-next-gen is not optimized for dynamic content.


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Yeah, it wasn't synced with 18, thanks!

Is there a better way to achieve what I need?  Sync it and create a playlist with both libraries in maybe?

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