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Search Each Library Individually


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3 hours ago, TobyTentakel said:

I fully agree to two of the proposed extensions:

- add an option to search only in active (or user selected) libraries

- start searching (optionally) only when pressing enter in the search button

For people with several big libraries, the search is mostly unusable at the moment. I have >20.000 movies and >120.000 albums with several million songs and the search does only work if I completely paste the search term from the clipboard and even then takes several minutes.

This should have been addressed YESRS ago along with when being in settings and doing a search Emby should ONLY be searching in settings and not media.

3 hours ago, Luke said:

Hi, we'll look at improving this. Thanks for the feedback.

It's called fixing it not improving it.

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I'm voicing my support again to implement these handlings.   

Improving search features would go far to improve the useability of emby and enhance the basic user experience.   This is particularly the case when dealing with large libraries.  I've asked about this previously and my belief in the necessity of these features has only strengthened after another year.


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On 3/24/2021 at 6:36 AM, ebr said:

Just FYI, in Android TV, Fire TV and Roku, if you search from within a library, the results are limited to that library.


Shame the parent app doesn't have this like it should, and when one searches within settings not one result has anything to do with settings. There was a statement from @Lukeback in 2017 about more filters being added in the future and now it's 2024 and the search is still a joke.

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@Lukeyou are expected to reply along with any other dev that deals with search in Emby.

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Hi, scoped library search is certainly possible for future updates. Thanks.

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