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attempt playback correction to get audio sync


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over the last 6 mons or so I have found that I need to go to the gear upon PB and "attempt playback correction" on playback of most items.  That seems to always fix and out of sync audio issue.

Dunno if it's something I've screw up in settings?  It wasn't an issue originally.

The issue is only my local.  Remotes don't seem to have the issue.  (Must be me ...)

Current version of Emby server playing on a High Sierra Mac connected to drives on a Mavericks Mac (if that matters).

TCL Roku S4 55"

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I attached 2 logs as I'm not sure exactly which will have the info.
In any case, the show is Shameless US S3E1.  User was Fritz.  It was approx midnight EST.
After checking some other shows, I have a feeling it is show related and perhaps even season as well.
So it may be them, as it were.

embyserver-63750412802.txt ffmpeg-directstream-ae9fc343-dd36-4474-bb4c-5d4210c839f0_1.txt

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internal 7200 rpm HDs.  Seagates and WDs. 

1.5T, 2T & 1T.

1 buss powered 2T.

1 ext powered 7200 rpm 320G
This particular show is on is on the 320G.

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yes, but mine situ isn't every program.  Weird.  It's no big for me.  I can press a button when I need to.

Wonder what the difference is from file to file.

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