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Fanart randomly disappears/Emby randomly disconnects


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Am I the only one having issues with refreshing background artwork using Kodi 19 and Emby next gen? I refresh the artwork through Emby and while it does refresh poster art (for example) it does not refresh background artwork. All I get is a black screen then. Sometimes it takes about 30 minutes to disappear, sometimes longer I think.

But it looks like Emby just disconnects or something because when I enter the add-on all options are gone (cache artwork, enter settings, reset database etc). Restarting Kodi fixes it most of the times but the artwork/backdrops still doesn’t come back then.

Any ideas?
(Running the screensaver does seem to refresh it)

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Did a complete reinstall of Kodi and still the same. It happens after the Shield/Emby wakes from sleep. Some backgrounds work, others don’t load.

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I also see this.  

Updating backdrops in Emby or tmm makes the background of the updated movie/series go blank in Kodi. Emby is self picks up the updated backdrop just fine. 


Using E4K next gen stable release. 

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