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Processore a 100% con x265


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Salve a tutti è la prima volta che scrivo e magari questa domanda è stata gia fatta e mi scuso se la ripropongo .

Ho un servere con 8 GB di ram e un i5 6400 e con emby agiornato all ultima versione .

Con i video con codifica h264 non ho nessuno problema il processore va a 16% ma quando metto un h265 il processore schizza al 100% e va a scatti ovviamente.

Volevo sapere se è un problema di processore (ma non credo xk un mio amico con un raspBerry ci va tranquillissimo ) o è un problema delle impostazioni di transcodifica .

Se il problema sta nella Trans codifica mi potreste dire i settaggi corretti ?

Grazie a tutti per la pazienza 

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Your media can be stored in H.264 or H.265 (any many other) formats.  H.264 can be played back by any device and any web browser.  H.265 can be played back these days on most devices but not often in browsers (only a couple can do it after proper setup).

So what's likely happening is that something in the original file can't be played back by the client.  It could be the client doesn't support H.265, a subtitle may need to get burned in, the media could be larger than the bandwidth available to the client, etc.  When this happens the video is transcoded to H.264 among other things that take place and if you don't have GPU setup in your sever to offload this then it will be done on the CPU itself.

The fact it shoots to 100% isn't really a concern in itself as long as the media is playing back correctly and converting fast enough to play in real-time.
The fact you said it's jerky would seem to indicate it may not be fast enough so lets dive in a bit.

What platform are you running Emby Server on?
What device are you using to play back?  If it was a browser running on the server, don't do that but try it from another computer.



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