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Changed the library name and the folder disappeared in the finder


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I'm running a QNAP NAS and have been setting up my movies. I decided to rename a library which worked fine except theĀ folder disappeared in the finder. I mount the drive and it's not there. I looked for Invisible files and it's not there. For a while I could see the folder in Emby and I tried to change the folder path to see if that made a difference and then it all disappeared. I do have all the videos, I was putting them into collections and they are in fact still there. And suggestions? Thanks.

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Hi - I did it through Manage Embay Server>Library and then rename for the folder. I should mention that I had just moved from Plex to Emby and created a folder called Collections. Then I realized that Emby had created a folder with the same name. I renamed my folder Collections_SR and that's when things disappeared.

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