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Changing Playback Speed Doesn't Work With Some Videos


Go to solution Solved by Luke,

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Emby for Android 3.1.73

Android 10


I've noticed I cannot change the playback speed in certain videos. In my testing I have narrowed this issue down to affecting only videos with the DTS and TrueHD audio codecs. I can confirm this works fine with AC3, AAC, and EAC3. I haven't found any correlation with this issue between video codecs.

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1. Play a video with one of the above listed audio codecs (DTS, TrueHD)

2. Change the playback speed while the video is playing from the video OSD settings list

3. The playback speed does not change no matter which speed I pick, the speed that is listed under the playback speed item is still displayed as "normal" even

I attached a log file in case it contains anything useful



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