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ET inuseable on RPI4


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Hi ,

In the past 2 days i tried ET on  RPI4 2GB

i tired the emby-theater-pi image , emby theater 3.0.14 deb files on both ubuntu and raspbian and  i just can't get it to work smooth.

ET interface is super leggy , playing 1080p is almost impossible since it get stuck every second , not to mention 4K videos.

I tried to disable HW acceleration but for some reason i cant change it as it become blank  and always turn back to auto when i exit.


I managed to play perfectly 4K videos on :

raspbian + vlc

libreELEC + embycon.


It's clearly not HW problem , so it most be something with ET or something i did wrong.

any suggestions ?

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Having the same issue on a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB with latest version of Raspberry Pi OS. Actually it works much smoother if I access through the web browser instead of through Emby Theater.

Not only video, but audio is also horrible in ET

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Hi there, have you tried the 3.0.15 update?

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ET interface is super leggy

Hi, can you give it another try and let me know how it compares now? Thanks.

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