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[SOLVED] HEVC Files Always Transcode


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I am new to Emby and am testing out various things. Have had it running for about 5 days now. It is running on my low-powered QNAP server which does not handle transcoding very well.

In the past I used to have this transcoding problem occurring with my LG TV (which incidentally supports 4K) when using HEVC videos and playing from Plex with a Plex TV client. They updated the TV client and now HEVC's no longer transcode.

In testing this on Emby it seems the Emby LG client transcodes always with HEVC files. It is the same when viewing HEVC files in a web browser and on my cellphone.

It seems that Emby does not support HEVC. But, seems to me I read somewhere that it does. I am confused. Also, if you look at the transcoding page under setup it states this "H264 encoding CRF:" implying that H264 maybe all there is.

Not to worry, I have realized that my web browser Firefox running on Linux does not support x265 (HEVC). My LG TV does support x265 as well as my cellphone and Emby does not transcode.


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Emby support HEVC fully when both video and audio codecs are supported (Direct Play).  If audio needs converted Emby is forced to transcode both video and audio as HEVC is not supported in the current HLS protocol.  Emby currently does not transcode in H265.

You would need to go over a specific example but I suspect it will be do to audio.  But there are different variables per client as most browsers do not support HEVC also.

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My general rule of thumb I use personally is Shield TV for anyone with advanced audio needs.
Mi Box S for those who are computer literate, use Android tablets or phones and don't have issues or need hand holding.
Roku Premiere+ or better for other users.

Shield TV is really the only client to consider short of an HTPC for advanced audio in my book so this one is a clear choice.  Rokus are dead easy to use for the general population and have decent support for other things like Netflix (and other mainstream content).

Mi Box S is the little brother to the Shield TV and can do most things it can do short of advanced audio but isn't as easy to use as the Roku.

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