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2 different logos in 2 different places

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I have 2 versions of my logo: green and white in png file on my imgur page.

I want to have logo in green color everywhere except the drawer where I want to have logo in white color.

How do I address that?

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Have you looked at the elements in the console?

body > div.mainDrawer.scrollY.hiddenScrollY-hover.scrollY-mini.hide > div.navDrawerHeader.flex.flex-direction-row.align-items-center > div.navDrawerLogo.pageTitleWithDefaultLogo.flex-grow

body > div.skinHeader.focuscontainer-x.headroom.skinHeader-withBackground.adjustHeaderForEmbeddedScroll > div > div.headerLeft.headerPartFixedWidth > h3.pageTitle.pageTitleWithLogo.pageTitleWithDefaultLogo

There are distinguishing targetable variables for each.  For instance one is "h3" and the other is "div".    Or you could do a ".pageTitleWithDefaultLogo:not(h3)" and ".pageTitleWithDefaultLogo:not(div)".


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