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Android TV Now playing screen when casting

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As AndroidTV app has no means to shuffle play a genre (mentioned here), I am able to do that by using the smartphone/web app to access a genre and, then, shuffle cast it to the AndroidTV app.

It really plays nicely but the "Now playing" screen, which is properly shown, is afterwards suspended by the TV screen saver. Music continues to play but I have to press some button on the remote to get back to Emby's beautiful now playing slide show. And then, again, it will be suspended by the TV screen saver.

It seems that when playing music which was casted from other apps, AndroidTV app will not inform the TV the screen should be kept.

Any ideas?

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Hi.  I cannot reproduce this.  I set my device screen saver time out to 5 minutes and then casted a shuffled genre to the app and it played for over 10 minutes without the device screen saver kicking in.

BTW - you can shuffle a genre directly in the app with the latest beta version.


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