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Roku Trailers ( no option)


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Hi All,

Searched the topic of Roku trailers but fond minimal info resolving or explaining why no trailer button on the app interface.  Some referenced to (youtube as the reason Roku not showing a trailer tab but I am unclear as to why this would impact presenting a trailers  button for my local movie collections on my servers.

Simple question,  my nvidia shield pro box shows trailer operion for every one of my movie files on the interface. Why is the trailer option not showing on any of my Roku interfaces?




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Not sure about setting up local trailers,

-trailer by creating a folder for 700 movies, that not going to happen.

I remember in an older version that we were ask if we wanted to create local trailers from content.

shouldn't the plugin do this for us, inventory the library and fetch the trailer based upon local scan.  



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2 minutes ago, bnwbass said:

and fetch the trailer

Hi.  We know of no free source that allows downloading of trailers.  That is the issue.

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