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Recorded items have the wrong episode/date in Emby, but correct in HDHomerun Prime

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To me personally this is clear.  If stations broadcast the episodes in the same order as the producer and use the same season/episode info it's pretty clear those ARE the season/episode number regardless of what 3rd party sites say.  So if the broadcast schedule of a meta-data provider doesn't match, then it's wrong.

DVD/BluRay ordering of course is different.

To me the problem is a mixed match set of files.  By this I mean a person could have purchased a bunch of season discs or box sets and ripped them.  They add these to a library and match them with a meta-data provider.  Now they also want to use Emby to record missing episodes. The season/episode numbers likely won't match so some episodes will never get recorded while others will record that shouldn't.

Short of manually managing series like this (for backfill) it's difficult. I see two possibility solutions to something like this but likely both would require a FEATURE REQUEST.

One possibility is a series override that would have Emby lookup via meta-data provider the season/episode (using title) and use that vs the guide data for season/episode.
The second possibility is to not match on Season/Episode but on TITLE only.

Neither of these are ideal solutions but may help. The obvious fix is to write to the meta-data provider and encourage them to follow the broadcast schedule season/episode so this doesn't happen in the first place!

None of this of course is an Emby's issue, but it's stuck between two different sets of data (guide and 3rd party meta-data).

Curious what you guys think or what solutions you personally employ.

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11 hours ago, Happy2Play said:

So who is correct, the network providing the show or the 3rd party metadata provider?

Obviously, by definition, the network (whom owns the show) is "correct".

is the data from tvdb/tmdb based on DVDs?

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