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Multiple Guide Data Proviers


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How does Emby handle having multiple guide providers? I've already added a XmlTV provider and made sure as many of the channels as possible are mapped correctly. But of course, guide data for some of the channels is still missing. So I want to add an Emby Guide Data provider. But I know that when I add a provider Emby will try to auto map the channels. If I already have a channel, let's say channel 1, mapped correctly but the Emby Guide Data auto maps that same channel incorrectly, will that break my existing (correct) mapping? If the same channel is mapped in each of the included providers, how does Emby decide which provider's data to use? I'm hesitant to add another provider if there's a risk that I'll break the mapping I've already done.

Furthermore, using the channel 1 example above (the channel is mapped correctly using the XmlTV provider but mapped incorrectly using the Emby Guide Data) what happens if the Emby Guide Data doesn't provide that channel at all? If the auto map did map to an incorrect channel but there is no correct channel to map it to, what then? I see no way to just clear out a mapping, so if there is no correct mapping to change it to I think I'd be stuck with an incorrect mapping.

In summary, if the same channel is mapped using multiple guide providers, but at least one of those mappings is incorrect and can't be corrected, what happens? Which provider will Emby pull from?

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If it were me, I'd actually do it the opposite way and use Emby Guide data first as much as possible and then only use the xml data if you have to for channels Emby doesn't have.

Reason being is that Emby guide data will provide lots of extra information and you'll get graphics/posters for movies and shows that show up on the PROGRAMS tab or in SEARCH results.

You can try a LOW RISK test by adding a guide for only local channels selecting an OTA vs cable or sat provider.  This will give you a good idea what the difference in guide data is like and give you a good idea if it will overwrite your existing work or not.  You can always remove this guide source.

Working with GUIDE data is a tougher job than it should be so I'd advise doing a series of tests on small data sets before making an attempt at full matching using multiple guides.

You can still do this by downloading and installing the portable version of Emby and using it for testing. If you mess up delete it and install it again.  Super nice for this type of testing.

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Great suggestions. Thanks!

I'm trying the OTA channels now, the guide is still refreshing. Unfortunately, most of those aren't a great tests because they aren't already mapped correctly. Those are one of the reasons I need to add another provider. My bigger concern is losing a channel (or a bunch) that is already mapped correctly. There are two channels that were already mapped correctly via the XmlTV provider and were auto mapped by Emby when I added the OTA provider. So we'll see if anything changes with those two.

And I did lie a little in my original post. I did already have 2 guide providers setup, 1 XmlTV and 1 Emby Guide Data (sat provider). I just figured the example was less confusing if I pretended I didn't already have an Emby Guide Data provider setup. Digging more into the mapping for those two providers, I do see some channels whose guide data is correct, but the Emby Guide Data mapping is incorrect. So presumably, Emby is pulling from the XmlTV provider in those cases.

It is still true that I started with XmlTV and then added the Emby Guide Data, though. That's because I'm using xTeve and the mapping is handled better there. If for no other reason than the fact that the full channel names are listed when selecting the mapping. Makes it much easier to identify the correct selection. If the emby guide gives extra info though, maybe I'll have to put in some extra effort to make sure it's correct and then remove the mapping from xTeve.

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