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Emby keeps stopping


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Hi guys need some advice  when i try to go to watch films my Emby server stops and i need to keep logging in to the server and starting it agin but will only last a matter of hours then turns it off again 

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Ok, I've submitted 4.5.4 to TerraMaster. Let's see how that compares once you have that. You can always install manually from our website.

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I have the same problem with my F2-210. Emby (v4.5.2) stops running sometimes especially when I run the client on my TV.

  1. Initially it was transcoding (4k) for very large files (>6GB) so I shut it off. It was to just stop working. I can understand this due to low computational power.
    1. It does work for same type of encoded file of size 4GB. It is slow but works.
  2. Now whenever I press 10s back button it does go back once and then it stops. After few moments emby server stops working. I saw ffmpeg still running even though I have shut off transcoding. I do not understand what causes this. I am not able to find logs now. Once it happens I can attach them again.
    1. Also when I resume playback, I can not go back at all. IS this normal behavior?

So I am still curious why this happens. Thanks in advance!


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