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Transcoding bitrate vs resolution for offline videos

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I'm confused and trying to understand how the bitrate chosen when downloading a video affects the resolution that the video is played at.  Or even, said in another way, if I know I only want to play a downloaded video at a given resolution (ex: SD 480), how do I know which bitrate to choose?  If my source videos are anywhere from 720P - 4k, how do I minimize the downloaded file?

Theoretically, bitrate should impact/affect resolution, but I have read other posts in the forum which seem to indicate a different story.  Is there a correlation between bitrate and resolution?





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hi @benze, yes we need to make these options more descriptive and obvious, but if you choose a lower bitrate then the server will also reduce the resolution.

If you want 480p I'd probably suggest around 1 mpbs or slightly lower. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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