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Server - Distinguish Albums by Album Artist (from compilations)


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Wouldnt it be great if

1. MB instanced a unique albumartist to each album object and distinguished albumartist='various artists' from real albums by the artist.


where a=%albumartist%(id3 tag) per track


if for each a in album

     a is unique

          then albumartist of album object is 'a', otherwise albumartist of albumobject is 'a' of lowest track.

2. when clients showed albums belong to artist,

     clients could quickly distinguish/group real albums (and perhaps sort then chronologically)

     and client could quickly distinguish/group 'other' albums (and perhaps sort them alphabetically)

            either that or clients just put the real albums at the front of the 'albums belonging to artist' list


it is frustrating when looking at a popular artist (perhaps with few albums) to have 3 pages of compilations when what you want is their real albums.


thanks for considering.

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