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Copy Guide Data From Server To Server

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Hello :)

I have multiple servers and am stuck in the nightmare of mapping epg data to channels one by one. Can you tell me where this info is stored so I could copy EPG data from one emby server to another?

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Actually, I found it. For any other users the file is named livetv.xml and is located at /var/lib/emby/config

Also, forgot to mention this is Ubuntu install.

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Not sure if I should have opened a new thread or not, but there is an issue with transferring EPG data from one emby server to another. The problem is encrypted m3u links not matching even if the m3u is the same and on the same server. So instead of m3u looking like http://service.tv/username/etc in the livetv.xml file its m3u_hf774h4bfur83hiETC

Is there any known way to make this info match? Or is it simply encrypted (I'm sure for our protection) and theres no way?

Or even if I could see a list of the encrypted links and what channel they are, I could make that work easier than mapping one at a time.

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