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HD Homerun no Guide and mapped channels

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I can no longer get guidedata to update, and when I try to map channels on my devices, there are no channels to map.

The channels is present in Live TV.

Could you please telle me how to fix this?








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This is going to almost certainly be bad encoding of the XML file.

If you load the xml file in Google Chrome does it display an encoding issue or load the whole file?

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I did open it in visual code, and found an error

Problem solved now - thanks for your help :)


<programme channel="super.rtl.de" start="20201211132500 +0000" stop="20201211140000 +0000">
<title lang="de">Weihnachtsmann &amp; Co. KG</title>
<sub-title lang="d <programme channel="superhd.rtl.de" start="20201211043000 +0000" stop="20201211045000 +0000">
<title lang="de">Paw Patrol - Helfer auf vier Pfoten</title>
<sub-title lang="de">Die Hunde bergen den Paw Patroller / Das Krähennest</sub-title>
<category lang="en">series</category>
<programme channel="superhd.rtl.de" start="20201211045000 +0000" stop="20201211052500 +0000">
<title lang="de">Weihnachtsmann Junior</title>
<sub-title lang="de">Das Geheimnis der Rentiergeweihe / Marcos Glücksstern</sub-title>
<category lang="en">series</category>
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