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DVR "Start Program" markers

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Hi,  I used to use a Humax DVR which can "Detect" the start and end of the program, which is great when programs are delayed, it still starts the recording at the actual start of the program and ends similarly.  In Emby I have to provide "Guard" times for the start and end of the recordings, and you therefore have to choose times which hopefully capture any delayed programs without recording loads of extra video you don't want.

I believe that the "Start of the program" is somehow marked as part of the broadcast, but don't know the details.  I would presume if it is supported by Humax then it must be part of the standard DVB-T2 broadcast in the UK at least.  I am using a HD Home Run Connect Quatro, and I am not sure whether this would provide access to the markers even if it is part of the standard broadcast.

Is this possible and if so could this go on the "Feature Request" list?

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