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Album covers are reused on audio books


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When I add an audio book and there is an album with the same album artist and album name, emby automatically uses the cover of the first one for the new album and every track. I have several versions of the same book, where just the narrator differs. In this case album artist(book author) and album name(book name) are identical and i don't think emby should reuse images there. 

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Of course. My audio book library uses the audio book content type and has the following structure: Author -> Book name (explanation/narrator)-> title.mp3


For example: "Michael Ende" -> "Momo (audio book)" tagged as following: album artist: "Michael Ende", album "Momo".

second example: "Michael Ende" -> "Momo (radio play)" tagged as following: album artist: "Michael Ende", album "Momo". 


Emby extracts the image from the first album and uses them for the cover of the second one, including every track in it. Beyond that both are shown correctly as individual albums with different musicbrainz ids.

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