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How much bandwidth per stream?


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Just bought a VBox DVB-C Tuner (which i will use with emby once it arrived)

Just curious how much bandwidth it will take to stream from the vbox to the emby server with
a) 1x FHD
b) 1x 4k
c) (if possible) 4x 4k 
at the same time.

I havent found much about the bitrate from a usual DVB-C connection.

Why do i ask this?
Because i need to decide if i put the VBox next to my TV in the living room (!!!Where i have only a DLAN connection with about 160 mbit to the Emby Server in the basement!!!)

or if the connection is to low, i need to put the VBox in the basement too and wouldnt be able to use it as android tv. (I have DVB-C Cable in the Basement AND living room.

Regards, :)

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