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Multi Segment TV Show Naming


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I'm currently dealing with the cartoon Animaniacs.

Because of the way the TVDB lists this how, I have each episode split into segments.

I have two questions based on this and hopefully one of them is possible:

1. Is it possible in emby to have these segments combined? For example  TVDB EP 1,2 & 3 is actually S01E01 .. I think Plex calls this stacked naming

2. How flexible is emby with multi episode naming? If I were to combine these segments into full episodes, it would be based on the Wikipedia / IMDB lists.

The problem with this is that the order doesn't correctly line up with TVDB (TMDB is the same).

For example S01E27 in Wikipedia is made up of 3 segments (1,2,3). However the order in TVDB is different and would mean that the segment with the end credits would be in the middle (2,3,1) 

So for me to join the into 1 file in the correct order & have the metadata pulled from TVDB in the correct order I would need to name the file weirdly - like S01E66-65-64

Does emby support something like this or am I just going to have to live with having the wrong name / description order for some episodes?

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Although Emby's fine with combined episodes (I use the s01e64-e66 convention myself), I don't think you can adjust the order.  But if it's only a few cases that the order is different, you can easily edit the metadata (in the 3-dot menu for the combined episode) and just rearrange the text in the right order (remember to scroll to the bottom and press save!) - followed by locking it against any future rescan.


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