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Live TV on Kodi - what does it do and not do?


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I've been using Emby on Kodi for quite a while.  I've been having a few rough spots with my ServerWMC install.  We can't schedule from the WMC PVR addon and occasionally recordings are missed with no reason.    Thinking I could just replace it with the Emby Live TV.  So I bought a lifetime Premier subscription and set it up.  From the web page all looks good.  I have a populated EPG, can record, etc.

Then I go to Kodi (Libreelec) and can't find Emby Live TV.  I finally find a list of current shows but no EPG, no way to schedule, etc.  Searching here on the forum and via Google didn't bring up anything pertinent.  So I thought I would ask here:

What should I expect to see in Kodi?  Can I see an EPG?  If so, how?  Hoa can is search through the listings, find a show, and then schedule it?  As best I can tell now, all I get with Emby Live TV in Kodi is current shows and recordings.

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Are you pulling from your own cable tv or an m3u list of some sort? What setup exactly are you using @TugboatBill

It has been years since I played with this but Libreelec is actually nice to run tvheadend server on but with emby now running full steam with iptv you can just install simple iptv player on libreelec. Will do what you are wanting with epg recordings etc... Are you using emby's epg or did you add your own to it?

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