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Emby unreachable from outside

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Hello people, 

i have emby running on a docker container on my raspberry pi 4 for quite some time now. I like it a lot. Yesterday I subscribed to emby premiere in order to be able to stream to my phone, when i am away from home. However i was unable to get it to work. I will provide as much information as i can... I should also mention that i am running a nextcloud container as well, which is working well.

here is my container config:


i added the 8920 port yesterday.

My emby network settings are as follows:


here i find it weird that only http protocol is displayed, but nothing about https, even though i set the "required for all remote connections".


so i tried to inspect the network activity. The network interfaces are routable:


The 8920 port is being listened to:


Where i call the domain sub.mydomain.com:8920 i get an "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED", so i look at tcpdump and see this:


it does look normal, doesn't it?

My iptables shows:


The emby server log is attached. As far as i can tell (according to timestamps), nothing is getting logged when i try to open the url.

I hope somebody can help with this

Thank you




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It is not possible to connect via http unfortunatley. The Browser keeps redirecting to https, even though I disables secure connections in emby 


This is what the browser shows after redirecting from http://sub.domain.dev:8096 to https://sub.domain.dev:8096



here are the permissions for the certificate which is located in /etc/letsencrypt/live/sub.domain.dev/ : 



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Try restarting the server after doing that. If it's still happening then you must have something else causing the redirect.

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yeah, it is still happening... do you mean something else on the server side of things? or my browser? 

i tried 4 different browsers, deleted dns cache in my OS, disabled https redirects in firefox and chrome. Nothing works. So could be something in the emby server config? Is there something there i could look into? 

As mentioned i have a nextcloud container running with apache, but that only listens to ports 80, 443 and 4443.

Thanks for the support so far Luke :)

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i got the http thing to work by changing the network in docker from bridge to host! Now i can visit emby remotley with myip:8096

The current problem is that Emby is not listening to port 8920, only 8096 is working. I set the ports in the Emby settings...



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Ownership and permissions show user emby can't open the cert file. 

Also path to cert looks different. 

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This was it. I changed the permissions from root to the emby user and now everything is fine.

Would you recommend protecting the p12 file with a password? I plan to keep the file in it's current location only... 

Thank you both for your help 🙂

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