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Emby for Kodi 4.x bug

Nick Rosier

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I recently switched back from Addon-mode playback to Direct Path playback for various reasons and ran into a bug.

For the last couple of days every night at midnight my entire library got removed from Kodi. I discovered that a plugin was triggering a library cleanup every night cleaning up my entire library.

2020-11-02 00:00:43.663 T:2330243296 DEBUG: CUtil::GetMatchingSource: no matching source found for [nfs://x.x.x.x/mnt/Shows/XXXX.YYYY/Season.01/XXXX.S01E01.YYYY.mkv]

This was strange as the path is correct, the file is accessible when I kernel-mount the share and it plays back OK:

2020-11-04 22:35:46.549 T:4071886864 NOTICE: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: nfs://x.x.x.x/mnt/Shows/XXXX.YYYY/Season.01/XXXX.S01E01.YYYY.mkv

After various attempts I finally found the issue; the addon adds 2 entries to the sources.xml file, one for smb:// and one for http://. I'm using NFS and there's no entry for that. I added it and forced a clean with texturecache.py vclean and the library was not emptied. Waited until the next day to see if the nightly cleanup emptied it but I was happy to see this morning the library was still intact. I removed the nfs-entry from sources.xml and ran texturecache.py vclean again and as expected the library was emptied again.

I know 5.x is in the works but could you please fix this in 4.x (and 5.x).

  <path pathversion="1">nfs://</path>

Thanks in advance,


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Sure, actually I'm working on 4.x at the moment due to some bug reports.

Thanks for the report and also for the solution. So everything is fine, by just adding nfs to sources.xml?

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My library was consistently wiped every night. Hasn't happened since.

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