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MBC stuck on Splash screen then crashes


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I am on  MBC ( 7-14.1), and it works on my windows 7 Pro 64 bit WMC,but it gets stuck and crashed on my extender (xbox 360).


my MBC logs:


logfile from when I open with PC on Windows 7 - works fine:




Logfile when I open on extender - stuck on spashscreen and then crashes:




Not sure when this started it was either after updating to latest MBC or install Xenon, I have since uninstalled Xenon plugin and still not working?


MBS - Version 3.0.5309.26857


Windows Error logs attached as well per EBR - I think I got the correct logs but if you need others please let me know.


New Text Document (2).txtNew Text Document.txt


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What channels do you have installed?


Can you try going to user configuration on the server and de-selecting the channels from library access for the user you are logging into on the extender and see if it makes a difference?

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I have the following installed:






I went to the MBS, Users, Library Access and unchecked my chanels as you mentioned and MBC on my extender opens as before the last update.


The only user I have is myself as admin on my MBS/MBC install.

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Well, since I first reported the MBS has been updated twice, now I am on Version 3.0.5323.459. and all my channels work individually turned on and all of them together.  MBC seems to be back in working order.  ebr let me now if you need anything else?

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I also explored the new Xenon plugin but when I finshed I tried to go back to Diamond theme.

I ended up stuck on spashscreen and then crashes.


It appears when changing a theme and using the continue key results in the behaveiour.


I have to go into the mbc config and remove all the themes which results in mbc running classic without error.


so I install the diamond theme back out of mbc and restart


in classic theme I choose the Diamond Theme


1. press continue then crash


2.try to back out endeds up crashing


Any ideas would be great


If a log is required I will supply later  (I currenttly have have switched off)

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