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Screen tearing and lag


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i recently purchased a DS1520+ and have been trying to play some movies from my server remotely. But i keep having screen tearing and major lag. Which is weird because in the dashboard it shows that the NAS is handling the movie fine, in fact, is not even transcoding. Is there anything i can do to remedy this?  



Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 2.16.10 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 2.11.23 PM.png

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2 minutes ago, Luke said:

Is it consistent?

The screen tearing only appears in some scenes, but the lag is in most of the movie. I've tried other movies and they don't have screen tearing but they do lag. Doing my own troubleshooting I noticed that only the movies with big bitrates have this problem. That man of steel movie is around 70GB but movies that are around 10-20 GB don't have this issue. But as shown here the NAS streams it fine either way. Also, is connected by ethernet to a gigabit connection download and upload. When some of my friends try to play these big movies from their network they aren't able to or they have extreme lag even when their internet is around 300mbps. The DS1520+ is fairly new so I was guessing maybe is a compatibility issue with Emby. This is basically all I know.

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