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Exit Full Screen From Total Selection Page


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Hi - I seem to have found that there is something missing really from the Emby GUI which I think would really help users in navigation - unless you can show me where it can be found?


I am running Emby Theatre in Desktop Mode, on a Windows 10 machine, where Windows is under Kiosk Mode and on a touch screen. There is no mouse or Keyboard available to the user.


When a user plays a film from the Thumbnail Selection Page, once the video starts to play, and if the user chooses to hit the full screen button (bottom right), now the user exits the film (using the back arrow in the top left of the screen), the user is literally left no way to exit the full screen mode or indeed the Emby Application, without going back into another film, hitting the Full screen button again (to toggle it back off), and then being able to exit the application.

I did consider writing a AutoHotkey script for a button which would stay on top in full screen mode, but alas, the Stay On Top won't work (and probably rightly so in full screen mode).

Perhaps I can get an understanding if I am missing something or if this is a feature which may be added into a future version to support better navigation for this use-case?

Many thanks for your help again

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I don't think users would know this without them knowing it though would they?

So if the kiosk is in an environment where they want to close the app for example... 

I just think it should be a little more obvious to users?

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